Earthquakes, fire, flood, and theft threaten Buddhist treasures in monasteries and communities!

Please support preservation work with Buddhist nuns, monks, and community elders

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2018 Workshops and Preservation Manual for Monastery Treasures

October 2018 Thangka Preservation Workshops are scheduled for University of San Francisco, and in Shanghai. Join us, when we share scientific and practical methods to protect and preserve your thangkas. Please contact us for further information!

Please support the upcoming November 2018 Thangka Preservation, and Preservation of Monastery Treasures Workshops for monks, nuns, students, thangka artists and community members planned for Varanasi India. These are happening soon and we are in the crucial fundraising phase, please consider a donation at this time!

Our team is writing a preservation resource manual The Manual for Preservation of Monastery Treasures will be made available free of charge on-line, including topics of care and preservation for lineage treasures, protection before disaster strikes, and safe recovery in the event of a disaster. The manual will be translated into Chinese, Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi, and Dzongkha. Thank you for your support.

Recent projects included work related to the Sven Hedin thangka collection in Sweden, and Treasure Caretaker Training outreach lecture and workshops in London at the London Buddhist Society and Jamyang Center, and in Oxford.

New York City was our venue in September 2018 for Treasure Caretaker Training lectures for the Rubin Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History.

Our approach to thangka conservation is featured in this recent article:

Your donation makes a difference to our monk and nun treasure caretakers!!!

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